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Priestess is the story of two women who meet each other - in the roles of patient and psychologist - and have their lives changed by this experience. It is a novel told by Alberto, a lonely writer in search of an interesting character. While attending a lecture by psychologist Maria Moura, he meets Pearl, one of her patients, who can reach the memories of humankind and review – through the reawakening of past lives – key moments throughout history in which women have lost their personal gifts and their sixth sense.

Pearl lives the quiet routine of a housewife until Gaspar incidentally enters her life and they fall in love. Their happiness and passion bring her, in one night of full moon, to view images from a remote past. The feeling is so overwhelming that she decides to seek psychological help and she meets Maria Moura. At the same time she needs help, Pearl brings Maria Moura the possibility of finding many answers she had been looking for. The suffering for having a son killed in tragic circumstances would not allow her to go forward on the spiritual path, nor to reconnect with her husband, who, instead of finding comfort in, she separated from in this moment of pain.

After the first consultation, alone in her office, Maria Moura shuffles the tarot cards and picks one of them. It is the Priestess, which symbolizes the archetype of the woman who carries the ancestral wisdom, possessor of a thousand powers and of intuition, and – she is sure – it represents Pearl.

Maria Moura is compelled by her contact with Pearl to share her strong views with her ex-husband, with whom she ends up reconnecting by sharing her amazement and her discoveries, through the exchange of e-mails about her sessions with the mysterious patient.

As more consultations and visions take place, the two women try to understand the extreme situations that women have experienced throughout history and gradually comprehend their plunge into the wisdom of the Universe.

It is a path that goes beyond the conventional paradigms of psychology and reaches unexpected levels of consciousness. They are adventures of the soul, where the reader perceives the moments when women lost their personal gifts and their sixth sense.

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